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Создана: 16 Октября 2001 Втр 9:27:00.
Раздел: "Нужна помощь"
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  1. 16 Октября 2001 Втр 9:27:00
    i have friend in omsk. her address is a below.since so many days she do nt write me .may be she is in troubel or any problem.i request you to meet her and tell her that ketan love you and miss you. why she do not write mails?
    644120 Russia
    8-Baltiyskaya Str, 49
    Gnatko Julia
    thank you
    ketan shah

    can you find her?
    i am so far from omsk, i can not go to her, she maybe in troubel otherwise she has not stop me writing. i want to help her and remove her difficulties she has , if any will try again?
    i appriciate your efforts and you have did for me.
    thank you
    ketan shah
  2. Piranhas


    Более 10 лет на форуме
    16 Октября 2001 Втр 9:56:00
    Your post has been moved to a corresponding section. Please do not litter a forum by your messages in improper sections.