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Раздел: Флейм find you`re gone 

Создана: 22 Июня 2006 Чтв 13:13:54.
Раздел: "Флейм"
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  1. Мюс

    Частый гость

    Более 7 лет на форуме
    22 Июня 2006 Чтв 13:13:54
    when I wake up I find you're gone
    there should be grief but I feel none
    trying to leave the night behind
    I hardly get my thoughts in line
    but there is one thing I could say
    it seems I'm glad... I find you're gone

    I find you're gone...
    I find you're gone...

    you know it's wrong... you know the way...
    but do you really want to stay?
    a sudden thought... a thing to mind...
    it would be only wasting time...
    no matter how hard you will try...
    it's just a feeling passing by

    I won`t say that it`s true
    that I`m here to stick with you
    you know, for me it's just a game
    and that you're not the one to blame
    (c) Wolfsheim
  2. 23 Июня 2006 Птн 12:17:32
    Pussycat, pussycat,
    Where have you been?

    I've been to London
    To visit the Queen.

    Pussycat, pussycat,
    What did you there?

    I frightened a little mouse
    Under her chair.
  3. 23 Июня 2006 Птн 12:21:22
    One, two, three, four, five –
    Once I caught a fish alive.
    Six, seven, eight, nine, ten –
    Then I let it go again.
    Why did I let it go?
    Because it bit my finger so.
    Which finger did it bite?
    The little finger on the right.
  4. 24 Июня 2006 Суб 0:28:40
    ты б ещё поэму про подзалупный творожок соченил
  5. 24 Июня 2006 Суб 11:27:04
    will you still love me
    will you still with me
    when am sixty four
  6. 24 Июня 2006 Суб 11:30:06
    отчаянье моё достигло пика
    беззубым ртом мне отказала Вика
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