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Создана: 10 Сентября 2004 Птн 11:10:29.
Раздел: "Музыка"
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  1. 10 Сентября 2004 Птн 11:10:29
    Читал я тут на досуге Cosmopolitan... э... (наверное, тему можно уже закрывать)
    ну.... в общем, был я в шоке по трем причинам:
    1. Патти Смит еще жива!
    2. Патти Смит выпустила новый альбом!!!
    3. Артем Троицкий там пишет обзоры музыкальных новинок, и обозревает не фигню какую, а субж и подобное.

    Карочи, взываю к омским гугенотам, кто-нибудь слушал субж или хотя бы имеет в наличии?
  2. 11 Сентября 2004 Суб 9:39:00
    Smith is supporting her new album, "Trampin'," which hit stores last month. She is backed on the set by the band she formed in 1996: guitarist Lenny Kaye and drummer Jay Dee Daugherty—both of whom were members of her original group—Tony Shanahan (bass, keyboards) and Oliver Ray (guitar).
    The album also includes the debut performance of Smith's daughter, Jesse, who plays piano on its title track, a spiritual popularized in the 1930s by contralto Marian Anderson.

    "Trampin'" is Smith's first album for Columbia Records, a label she signed with after more than 25 years recording for the Arista label.

    "I am happy and proud to be associated with Columbia Records, which has been home to many artists I admire, including Bob Dylan, Miles Davis and Glenn Gould," Smith said in a statement. "And I am grateful for the creative freedom I was afforded on my first Columbia recording."

    In 2002, Arista issued a two-disc compilation titled "Land 1975-2002," which included one disc of previously released material—mostly culled from her eight Arista studio albums—and a second disc of demos, alternate takes, live tracks, poetry and other rarities, including her rendition of Prince's "When Dove's Cry."

    Published: May 21, 2004 02:09 PM вот тут

    почитала отзывы в форумах, говорят местами ничего, но ничего нового и баллады как обычно тухляк)